How the Instagram Reels Algorithm Works

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you noticed the suggested Reels in your home feed on Instagram? The platform has been working to find ways to push Reels to its users. Instead of only suggesting posts on the Explore page, users can now find Reels on their home feed. If you are spending time creating Reels, one of your goals should be to show up on the feeds of people who don’t follow you.

Instagram has been utilizing AI-based content practices to figure out what a user would enjoy. Their goal is to make suggested posts fit in seamlessly with the carefully curated feed. They also want to help users find new accounts to follow they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

The Instagram Reels Algorithm

There are two categories Instagram puts content into when sorting in the algorithm:
Connected: Posts from accounts the user follows are ranked based on engagement and type of content.
Unconnected: Suggested Reels are generated based on the poster’s activities on Instagram and show posts based on the ranking it receives from engagement.

Much like the other algorithms at work on Instagram, ranking is based on social signals. It is dependent on what you engage with, but also what content the people you follow engage with. The extra step that is taken is an attempt to match the content you already follow.

Because Instagram works so hard to match a user’s home feed, you should take a look at your current content and what your followers enjoy. Take note of what content performs best and create more of it. Fresh content is important as well for your social media posting.

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