Helpful Instagram Growth Strategies

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Your main goals in your affordable social media marketing strategy should be to gain more followers and keep them around. This is often easier said than done! Effective growth will be long-lasting when done organically and steadily. Overnight success is very rare in social media. Here are some tested growth strategies for your Instagram account:

Create Reels

Instagram itself announced that Reels are the best place to grow your presence on the platform. More users have begun spending time watching Reels and the Instagram algorithm is pushing Reels to new viewers through suggested posts that show up in-feed. Traditional photo posts used to only get discovered on the “Discover” tab in the app.

Share All Formats

Don’t put all of your efforts into Reels. The best way to grow is to post in every format Instagram offers. Your social media posting should cover still image posts, Stories, live streams, and Reels. This will ensure your business is reaching different people who like consuming content in various ways.

Focus on High-Value Content in Your Niche

Instagram tracks markers in social media accounts so it is very important to stay in a niche if you wish to grow. If you post across many topics Instagram won’t know who to promote your content to and you will notice your follower count will stagnate.

Post Regularly

Keep your existing followers around by posting consistently. Social media is a source of entertainment and education for many people, so they expect new content from the accounts they choose to follow. If you need help reaching this expectation, 98 Buck Social has plans to keep your accounts up to date.

Engage With Your Audience

A simple way to create super fans is to engage with your existing audience. When you reply and share their responses to your content it can lead to more comments and your followers will feel appreciated. In Reels, you can create reply videos to your comments.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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