How to Pick the Correct Hashtags for Social Media Content

Selecting the right hashtags is crucial for maximizing your social media reach and engagement. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best hashtags for your content:

1. Understand Your Audience

Before selecting hashtags, it’s essential to know who your audience is and what they are interested in. This understanding will help you choose hashtags that resonate with them and attract the right followers.

2. Research Popular Hashtags

Use tools like Instagram’s Explore feature, Twitter’s trending topics, or dedicated hashtag tools like Hashtagify, RiteTag, or All Hashtag to find popular and trending hashtags in your niche.

3. Use a Mix of Hashtag Types

Broad Hashtags

These are general and widely used hashtags like #love, #instagood, or #tbt. While they have a vast reach, they also come with high competition.

Niche Hashtags

These are more specific to your industry or content, such as #TechStartups, #YogaLife, or #VeganRecipes. They may have fewer posts but attract a more targeted audience.

Branded Hashtags

These include your brand name or campaign-specific tags like #Nike, #JustDoIt, or #AdobeMax. They help in building brand awareness and fostering community engagement.

Community Hashtags

These are used by groups of people who share common interests, such as #WritersOfInstagram, #TravelBloggers, or #FoodiesUnite. Engaging with these can help you tap into established communities.

4. Analyze Competitors

Look at what hashtags your competitors are using successfully. This can provide insights into which tags are working well within your industry.

5. Keep It Relevant

Make sure the hashtags you choose are relevant to the content you’re posting. Irrelevant hashtags can confuse your audience and diminish trust.

6. Check Hashtag Popularity

Different platforms have varying levels of activity for each hashtag. Use the search function to see how many posts exist for each hashtag. Aim for a mix of high, medium, and low popularity to strike a balance between reach and competition.

7. Avoid Banned or Spammy Hashtags

Some hashtags are banned due to their association with inappropriate content. Using these can shadowban your posts, making them less visible. Research and avoid such tags.

8. Test and Analyze

Experiment with different hashtags and analyze their performance. Use analytics tools provided by platforms or third-party apps to measure which hashtags drive the most engagement.

9. Optimize Hashtag Quantity

Each platform has recommended practices for the number of hashtags:

  • Instagram: Up to 30 hashtags, but engagement tends to drop after about 10-15.
  • Twitter: 1-2 hashtags to avoid clutter and stay within the character limit.
  • Facebook: 1-2 hashtags are usually sufficient.
  • LinkedIn: 3-5 relevant hashtags to reach a broader audience while maintaining professionalism.

10. Create a Hashtag Strategy

Develop a strategic plan incorporating all the above points. Regularly update your hashtag list based on new trends and performance data.


Choosing the right hashtags requires a blend of research, analysis, and strategy. By following these guidelines, you can effectively boost your social media presence, reach your target audience, and increase engagement.

Happy hashtagging!


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