5 Steps to Create Shareable Social Media Content

Creating social media content can be a challenge. We all want more engagement, but it’s not always clear how to get that. Some posts that we spend hours on only get 5 likes and no shares. Meanwhile, a post that took 10 minutes to put together becomes one of your top performers. Much of these results are related to the shareability of the piece of content. As people share your content with their own followers, the reach – and potential engagement – on your posts increases dramatically. In this post, we’ll discuss factors that can make your content more shareable content and how you can incorporate them into your own posts.

Why Is Shareable Content Important?

Shareable content is the holy grail of social media growth. The higher-ranking content on most platforms isn’t necessarily measured by likes, but rather by how many times people share it. That’s why creating sharable content is key if you’re aiming for social media growth. When the algorithm ranks your social media posting higher, it gets pushed even to people who don’t follow you. 

How to Create Shareable Social Media Content

Now that you know what shareable content is and why you want to create it for your own accounts, let’s talk about how you can start making some. These are the five steps you should follow if you want to create social media content that gets people to share it with their friends.

Provide Useful Information

The first thing you can do to create shareable content is provide useful information within the posts. If your information is helpful, viewers will want to share your post to keep the message going and help more people. If you’re not sure what kind of information your followers would consider useful, think about the questions they ask you most frequently. You can even use Google to search for other questions related to your industry that clearly many people are searching for.

Make Eye-Catching Visuals

It has been proven time and time again that posts without a visual element such as a picture, video, or gif, do not perform as well. This is especially true when it comes to how many shares a post gets. Including an eye-catching visual element will make people stop to read your post and encourage them to share it with others. One way you can create attractive visuals and provide useful information in the same post is to create infographics. In fact, infographics are shared three times more than other content types on social media! 

Mix Trendy and Evergreen Content

If you want people to share your posts, tailor your content to reflect the current social media trends. This doesn’t mean that you need to jump on every single trend that comes around. Before you decide to participate, make sure it fits with your brand. Even still, you shouldn’t focus all of your attention on trendy content. Mix in evergreen content as well, which is content that will be relevant and applicable if someone reads it right when it’s posted or if they read it a year later.

Offer Something Unique

There’s a lot of noise on social media. If you want your content to be heard, you need to offer something unique. That could be an interesting perspective on current events or exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. If you offer a product or service that is very similar to other businesses, focus on what makes your offering different. In other words, what is your unique selling point? You always want to make sure you give people a reason to stop and notice your content. 

Tell a Story

Stories are a great piece of shareable social media content because they’re easy for people to connect with. A story can be just about anything. You can tell your audience more information about yourself or your business, try to evoke emotions, or give them a better idea of what the content is really about. People love sharing stories with their friends online, especially when the stories make them laugh or help them relive special moments.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Shareable Content

When it comes to your social media content, more shares mean more traffic, engagement, and leads. Now that’s something that everyone wants when it comes to social media marketing. If you want to begin posting content that gets people to share it, consider following the steps above. Making it useful, visually appealing, trendy or evergreen, unique, and tell a story will encourage people to share it with their audience. 

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