Even though Pinterest falls behind its other social media competitors like Facebook, it is still a valuable resource for your affordable social media marketing. Pinterest is a search engine that feeds visual, eye-catching results to its users. There was a huge growth on Pinterest due to the pandemic, and while that momentum has died down, there are still ways you can use the platform for your business in 2022.

Create a business account. If you are brand new to Pinterest marketing the first thing you should do is activate your business account. You get free access to helpful analytical tools that will guide your marketing efforts. Without these tools you won’t know if you are achieving your goals. You can see how often your pins are showing up on people’s feeds and how often your pins are saved. There are many more tools to explore!

Post effective visual content. Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is a visual platform. You can’t post a pin without an image or a video. The most effective content takes up more of the screen (in portrait mode not landscape) and has text to describe where the link takes the user. Video pins are new to the platform but should be used alongside your photo posts.

Pin consistently. Your social media posting schedule should include Pinterest. Users often have hundreds of thousands of pins saved, so you need to be consistently posting. 98 Buck Social offers Pinterest posts to help you post once per day.

Optimize your Pinterest for searches. As we mentioned above, Pinterest is a search engine. To work like a search engine, Pinterest has built its algorithm to be able to track keywords in multiple places including: your bio, caption, post title, and hashtags. In every pin you post, include keywords that you believe your ideal audience will be searching.

Fresh content. Because you need to pin often, it can seem intimidating to always try and create new content. While you should always strive for new content, it is also perfectly fine to revisit your old evergreen content. Update what you need to and add fresh photos to those posts and no one will notice!

Now that TikTok has become a more established platform for social media posting, it is much more saturated than it was when it first became popular. This makes it much harder to grow your following and get noticed. To get more followers on TikTok, you need to be more intentional with your strategy. Here are some tips to help your brand’s growth:

Define your target audience. If you have been posting to TikTok without a plan, defining your audience is your first step to getting on track with a growth strategy. As much as you wish your content will resonate with every single human using the app, it just won’t. Take some time to think about who will like your content most. The ultimate goal on TikTok is to end up on the For You Page. This is very specific to each user so lean into your niche and your videos will show up on your ideal audience’s For You Page.

Post what they want to see. Now that you know who your audience is, you need to post what they like. Not sure what that is? Ask them! Ask your followers on other platforms what they like to watch on TikTok. If you don’t have a following on other social media platforms, check out your competition. Don’t copy their content outright but take inspiration and use the same hashtags they use.

Watch what your competition is doing. Watching your competitors succeed can be hard, but it is a great way to see how they became successful on TikTok. They have done it which means you can too! Each of us is unique and our brands bring something different to users. Your competitors have done the hard work starting before you, which gives you a leg up in your TikTok journey.

Research Gen Z. Gen Z is the largest age group on TikTok. This platform is where you will want to market your brand if you have been wanting to reach them. Spend some time researching their values and how they engage with content. You will find they consume content differently and watch branded videos differently to other older generations.

Participate in relevant challenges. Before creating your own branded challenges, participate! Joining in on relevant challenges will show users your business is authentic and your personality will shine through. TikTok is a casual social media platform, you don’t need to post super-polished videos for your cheap social media strategy to succeed!

When we talk about social media marketing it is usually referencing posting to larger platforms like Facebook. Technology and innovation lead to more platforms each year. TikTok has been one of the fastest-growing platforms in the past few years, but BeReal is one that has gained a lot of momentum with younger social media users. Should you be on BeReal too?

What Is BeReal?

BeReal was created in 2020 in Paris by Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau. It was primarily used in France but has recently exploded to over one million downloads, mostly among college campuses. This app focuses on authenticity and connection. It helps show users what their friends are actually doing during the day.

This platform is called “the simplest photo-sharing app,” because BeReal notifies users to take a photo at different times of the day. When you post within the two-minute limit, you get to see what your friends also captured. The app takes photos with the front and rear-facing cameras so you can see what the photographer is looking at as well as their face!

Benefits of Using BeReal

In this new age of authenticity, people are craving connection online in a more personal way. BeReal provides a form of social media posting that isn’t heavily edited or curated. The large incline in downloads proves this. The photos don’t include edits or filters and if you want to see what your friends posted you have to post too.

This new platform seems to be focused on interpersonal relationships but as with all other social media apps, eventually, social media marketing will become normal on BeReal. If you are trying to reach a young Gen Z or Millennial audience, BeReal could be the next best place! Getting on a new platform in the early stages tends to reap a lot of rewards.

Many people have long believed that Instagram was best used for B2C marketing. The truth is, B2B brands benefit from building their brands on Instagram too! If you are still unsure, here is some information as to why you should market your business on the most popular photo-sharing app:

Why B2B Businesses Should Use Instagram

It’s where your customers are spending time online. Instagram has about one billion monthly users. And they aren’t only following their friends and family! More than half of their users follow brands too.

Visual content helps every step of the buying process. While posting photos may seem hard for companies that don’t sell physical products, Instagram also has many video options available. This is a great way to showcase your services, explain the benefits, or your expertise.

You get access to huge audiences for Instagram ads. Organic social media posting is essential for long-term growth, but paid ads help increase your reach in the short term. Because there are so many users worldwide, you can select a clear target audience.

Tips for B2B Instagram Marketing

If you have decided you should start marketing your B2B business on Instagram, here are some tips to get you started:

Set clear goals and define your audience. What are you trying to achieve in your Instagram marketing? You can have many goals or just one, but what you share to your profile will be determined by your goals. Try to set trackable goals. Instagram has a Business Profile option where you have access to analytical data about your account.

Have a link in bio. Unfortunately, the only Instagram posts that allow links are Stories, so you need to have a link in your bio to direct people where you’d like them to go. If you have many different places you like to direct people, there are free programs that build a link page (kind of like a directory).

Re-use content. A great affordable social media tip is to repurpose content you have used for other things. This can be sales sheets, instructional training materials, interview articles, research, or blog posts.

Research current Instagram trends. Part of social media marketing will always include awareness of trends. The posts that can perform the best are adapted to the current trends. This can be within your own industry or in pop culture.

When you think of social media, you may also associate it with hashtags. But are hashtags appropriate for LinkedIn, the social media platform for professionals? Hashtags are often the best way to increase the reach of your social media posting. The standard of ‘professionalism’ is changing and people are much more casual on LinkedIn than you would think.

Why You Should LinkedIn Hashtags

The biggest struggle in your affordable social media strategy is getting people to look at your content. Hashtags help increase the reach of your posts and find new followers (or connections). By including hashtags in your posts you:

  • Find new people in your industry
  • Increase your organic reach
  • Build a community around your business
  • Promote your products or services

Best Practices for LinkedIn Hashtags

Capitalize the first letter of each word. By capitalizing the first letter of each word, you make it easier for people to read the hashtag. For people who are blind or visually impaired, their screenreaders are able to recognize and separate the words by capitalized letters. Otherwise, it reads it aloud as one word.

Put hashtags at the end of your posts. Unlike Twitter, you shouldn’t embed the hashtags in your post, you should put them at the end. It makes the post easier to read and it looks much less cluttered. Twitter has a smaller character count than LinkedIn. Hashtags within the post don’t affect the algorithm but you should try to capture a user’s attention with your main point.

Use a variety of hashtags. A good rule of thumb is to include general and niche hashtags. The larger general hashtags will push your posts to a larger audience. This is ideal, but your post can also get lost in the sea of other posts using that hashtag. That is where the niche hashtags come in! These are used by much fewer people so your post is more likely to stand out. Try to use niche hashtags that have a couple of thousand posts at a minimum. If they are too small, no one will be looking for them.

Instagram Stories are transitory, only lasting 24 hours. When the average attention span is 8 seconds, 24 hours is an eternity! Every person consumes content in a different way, so it is best to cater to as many people as possible. If increased engagement on your Instagram is one of your goals, Stories can help! Here are some ideas to increase your engagement.

Share a feed post. When you post something in your feed and you want it to get more engagement you can share your own post to your Story. Include a sticker or cute gif to make your social media posting more engaging to look at.

Add a link. Outside of your bio, adding a link to a Story is the only place you can directly link something. Instagram captions don’t allow clickable links. If you make a promotional post, you can link to the exact item for your followers to purchase it or learn more about your services.

Curate content. If you like cultivating a community on your Instagram, you can share content from other accounts. Share what inspires you or helped you learn something. There are many talented people on Instagram and you can show your followers what you like.

Use an interactive sticker. There are quick reactions for users to react to your Story, but there is a fun reaction sticker too! Your Story viewers can slide the scale over instead of just tapping a button. It is much more interactive and users enjoy this style of post because they feel more a part of your content.

Make an event countdown. Do you have an event coming up or a new product release? Instagram has a countdown feature. Users can even click on it to be notified of the event or release so they can be the first to sign up. They are also able to share the countdown on their own stories.

Share a review. Build trust in your business with a review. If you have a graphic designer at your disposal or are able to create a quick graphic, you can make an attention-grabbing image that shares a positive review about your business or your products.

Are you trying to reach new audiences? A social media takeover can be the answer! You and your collaborator can experience amazing benefits by partnering up. If you don’t know where to start, this is a great guide for your brand!

What Is a Social Media Takeover?

Social media takeovers are a type of influencer marketing. A brand allows an individual to run their social media posting for a determined length of time. Typically the partnership runs for a day, but you can decide what works best for your business. You can work with an influencer, an industry authority, or even an employee!

There are many benefits to a social media takeover including:

Increases exposure. Influencers have cultivated a trusting niche audience. Their voice has a long reach and ‘influences’ people’s opinions about a brand.

Find new followers. Many businesses’ social media goals include increasing their followers. The exposure you get from an influencer’s audience leads to new followers.

Builds authenticity. The Influencer or industry authority has spent time sharing their opinions and thoughts. Their audience trusts their word, and that authenticity and trust will extend to your brand!

Tips for Your Social Media Takeover

Identify your goals. As this is part of your affordable social media marketing strategy, you need to know what you want to achieve with your social media takeover. Decide what trackable metric you can use for this.

Choose your platform. Each platform has different benefits to doing a takeover. A significant deciding factor should be where you market your business or which platform you want to grow on.

Create a plan. This is the time to decide what kind of content you like, how long the takeover will last, what kind of individual would you like to work with, whether you will create a specific hashtag, etc. Be very detailed with your plan of action.

Find the right creators. Your ideal creator will be one that has the same target audience you wish to reach. Look at their metrics including followers, past collaborations, engagement rates, niche, and type of content.

Set up permissions. For your account’s safety, it’s best to not just hand over your login information. You can ask that the content be sent over before the takeover or you can set limited permissions. Facebook allows different roles on pages, and Instagram allows collaborations.

Promote it. Build anticipation by promoting the takeover before it happens. You should also ask the influencer to promote it in their posts and include your handle so their audience can follow you before the takeover.

Check analytics. After the takeover is complete, check your analytics to see how the content performed compared to your regular posts! Was it a success? Are there things you would like to change next time?

If you are planning a social media takeover, let your social media manager at 98 Buck Social know so we can help you promote it!