How much do you love your customers? They support your small or large business and help you grow! New business is hard to come by and repeat customers spend more than new ones. You can show your customers your appreciation with a customer loyalty program.

What are Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty is an important aspect of business because it means your products or services are good enough that people are coming back. A customer loyalty program rewards your customers for their repeated business and incentivizes their continued support. Implementing a loyalty program can show your customers how much you appreciate them.

Types of Customer Loyalty Programs

Rewards points. Customers will earn points based on how much they spend. You can decide how many points to award and what the rewards are. You can even include non-purchase-based points like sharing your social media posting.

VIP privilege programs. These programs directly charge your customers a fee and they receive exclusive rewards in return. Programs like this are successful because people enjoy being part of ‘members-only’ programs.

Tiered programs. This is similar to a points program, but as customers surpass certain levels they get access to more benefits. This incentivizes people to reach those tiers to get more back!

Cashback. As the name suggests, customers are able to get some money back from their purchases. With the money they save, they could end up shopping with you again!

Tips for your Loyalty Program

Set goals. Utilizing customer loyalty programs can help you reach your affordable social media goals, you just need to identify which ones can be achieved. Once you know which goals you would like to meet you can track those goals through your loyalty programs.

Encourage referrals. Consumers trust referrals from friends and family. You can incentivize this by incorporating referrals into your loyalty program.

Promote on different platforms. Once you decide what kind of customer loyalty program you would like to start, you need to promote it on your social media platforms! If you have a loyalty program make sure you let your social media managers at 98 Buck Social know.

Short-form video will probably never overtake long-form video, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly popular! YouTube rolled out Shorts in 2021 after almost a year of testing to compete with apps like TikTok and Instagram. Short-form video is easily digestible and matches the short attention spans many social media users have these days.

What are YouTube Shorts

YouTube was created in 2005 as a video-based social media platform. Initially the creators wanted a platform where users could share “home videos.” Now certain video creators have grown to have millions of subscribers. For a long time, however, YouTube has stayed the same, outside of adding ads and a creator program for YouTubers to get paid. Horizontal videos were the only option. Not anymore!

With YouTube Shorts you can edit your vertical video directly on their app and upload it for your subscribers. Viewers can like, dislike, comment and subscribe to your channel while they watch your video. It is also permanent on the YouTube feed unlike Instagram Stories.

Tips for YouTube Shorts

Make the most of your time. Right now YouTube Shorts can only be 60 seconds, so you need to make the most of your social media posting. In that short amount of time you need to capture a viewer’s attention at the beginning and remain entertaining for them to keep watching. Edit out pauses if you are speaking and add quick transitions.

Add value. While part of your affordable social media strategy is to post frequently, you should always try to share high-quality content to all of your platforms. Align your content with your social media goals and repurpose old content from other platforms.

Match your brand. All of your social media posts should match your brand. This will help make your business recognizable across all platforms! Brand recognition is a common social media goal so matching your branding should be first priority when creating a Youtube Short.

Your Twitter bio is where you get to introduce yourself to new audience members that discover you from your tweets! You have complete control over what you say to the world in your bio. Some brands keep it simple with a single emoji while others have trouble staying within the character limit. You have 160 characters to work with so here are some tips for using the precious real estate in your Twitter bio!

Tips for your Twitter Bio

Choose a tone. How you write in your bio portrays what your business is. These are a few tones you can choose from:

  • Include important information about your business, product, or mission. This style of bio helps people know exactly what to expect from your business and social media posting.
  • If your brand is fun and silly, a friendly tone will work best for you. This style is less informative and more entertaining.
  • B2B businesses tend to lean to the professional bios. You won’t see any emojis or puns in these kinds of bios.

Link to other accounts. On your Twitter bio, you can include a link to your products or website. Even though you can include links in your tweets, you should still include a general link to what you would like new audience members to see when they find your profile.

Highlight Achievements. To build authority in your brand, include any big achievements. It’s okay to brag about yourself a little! You can build your reputation online and give people a reason to follow you. You only have 160 characters so choose the ones you are most proud of.

Use keywords. Your bio is searchable! Using high-quality keywords can help your account get discovered in users’ searches and increase your reach. If it matches your tone, you can use hashtags as your keywords to increase your searchability. This will help you make the most of your affordable social media strategy!

While there are many similar features across social media platforms, there is one sometimes inconvenient one that is present on Instagram and TikTok. You cannot add a clickable link to a caption in your social media posting. The main place to include a clickable URL is in the bio, so you may have seen many creators include in their captions “Link is in my bio!”

What is a ‘Link In Bio’

Unfortunately, it is not as simple to link off of Instagram and TikTok as it is on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn! To get users to check out something about your business, you need to direct them to the one place it is possible: the URL section of your bio! You can put anything there including:

  • Your business’s website
  • Other social media profiles
  • A blog post
  • A product
  • Your newsletter sign up

The possibilities are endless! There is a way to get around the single link like creating a landing page or using a platform like Linktree.

Ways to Drive Traffic

Be selective with your links. If you create a landing page for multiple links, don’t include too many. This can confuse users and cause them to bounce instead of drive traffic to your desired link.

Match your goals. Do you want to build your email list or increase views on your blog? When you know your goals it will be easier to decide what links to put in your bio. Your affordable social media strategy will be much more successful when you can take actionable steps toward your goal.

Share value, not promotions. Users are more likely to go to the link in your bio if they are going to get something out of it. Provide value and education! Links that only direct to a product get less traffic.

Shorten your link. Long URLs look fishy at first glance. Either use a link shortener or change the URL to something like

Highlight with an emoji. Don’t let the phrase ‘link in bio’ get lost in your caption! By including an emoji it draws the eye and users are more likely to see it and follow your direction.

Blogging predates social media by a couple of years, starting in 1994! Adding a blog to your business website has a whole host of benefits you get to enjoy! As a business owner, you know a lot about your products and industry. This information is exactly what you can use to blog.

Benefits of Blogs for Your Business

Drives traffic to your website. The primary benefit of blogging is the traffic it brings to your website. Blog help increase your search engine ranking due to the use of keywords, amount of words, and shareability.

Provides more content for your social media posting. Blogging and affordable social media marketing go hand-in-hand! When you have a wealth of information in your blog, you can condense that into lots of smaller posts. This can save you time and keep your social media posting on brand!

Builds long-term results. Consistently sharing high-quality information shows your target audience your position as a thought leader in your industry. Establishing your authority takes time and blogging helps assist with that growth.

Allows you to share company news. Your blog is your business’s news source! You have complete control over what you share on your blog so why not share news related to your business? Doing so humanizes your brand and lets your audience know what is really going on in your company.

Increases sales. Due to all the amazing benefits of blogging we listed above, you may also notice an increase in sales as a result! Blogs increase your reach, drive traffic to your website, and build authority. All of these things lead to more sales for your business.

How to start blogging

Your website likely has the capability to host a blog page on your website. It can be very simple to write your own blogs. 98 Buck Social offers blog services to help you grow your business and reach your goals. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more!

If you are spending any time on social media, whether you are a business or an individual user, you are at risk of engaging with a troll. Social media is free and open to any person so there are bound to be some bad apples in the bunch!

What is an online troll?

An online troll is a person who is purposely trying to provoke a response from others. They can be a small problem or grow into a larger issue. Often they don’t even believe what they are commenting and simply want to entertain themselves by annoying others. They often take something you posted and twist it into something it wasn’t. It is best to deal with trolls quickly.

How to deal with a troll

Ignore them. Their main goal is to get a reaction, so when you don’t give them that, they usually move on to a new person. To make sure they don’t return you can block that account. This may not be an option however if they are harassing your followers as well. Take each new situation into account, but never respond in haste.

Create a policy. When making your affordable social media plan, you should also create a policy around trolls. This will keep your entire team in the loop about how you wish to react to a troll on your posts. You can use this policy across all social accounts and can even be shared to your Facebook group if you host one.

Watch your social media profiles. Even if you have a dedicated social media manager like 98 Buck Social, you should check in on your accounts daily. Check your comments and messages to make sure you can respond quickly to a troll.

Think hard before replying. If you have come to the conclusion that you need to respond to a troll, don’t react immediately. Take time to think about what you want to say back. Some businesses lean into the humor of dealing with a troll. The fast food chain Wendy’s has become popular on Twitter for its responses to trolls! If this is in line with your branding, this is an option for you too.

The turn of the season brings a lot of Halloween excitement! The weather is cooler, the nights are getting longer, and people are looking forward to creating memories around this fun holiday! Most businesses focus on Christmas marketing but you shouldn’t forget Halloween in your social media posting! Here are some ideas for your affordable social media marketing:
Halloween Social Media Ideas
“Decorate” your social media profiles. You may have decorated your home or workplace but you should also decorate your profiles. Change your branding to include classic Halloween colors like orange, purple, and black. You can also swap out your profile photos and include Halloween puns in your bios!

Create a spooky product. Remember the black burger bun some restaurants implemented for a Halloween dish? People love limited edition items that only come out once a year! Hello, Pumpkin Spice everything! There are so many options to get creative with items you can sell, from fall ingredients to imagery containing horror movie characters!

Challenge your followers. Get your audience involved in the Halloween spirit! This can look like hosting a giveaway or a contest. Costume contests are a great way to get user-generated content. You can also challenge them to make a Halloween recipe.

Offer treats for your customers. What embodies Halloween more than trick-or-treating? You can do this virtually by hosting a sale or a giveaway. With the current issues many people are having with inflation this is helpful to your customers.

Tap into your community. Join in-person, community events where you live! If your business is surrounded by other businesses you can host a trick-or-treating event for the children in the area. Participation in your local community is an important aspect of brand awareness.

If you would like to implement specific Halloween social media post ideas, contact 98 Buck Social!