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We work with a range of clients, from business consultants and social media marketing professionals to full-service digital agencies. Whether a freelancer or a creative agency, our program gives you the ability to resell and white label our social media services like content creation, paid advertising, and product photography.

Outsource your clients, scale your agency


Whether a solo professional or a marketing agency, our social media management program empowers you with guidance, support, and experience. You can rely on our team of talented creatives and project managers to help improve your service delivery and scale faster while reinforcing your brand.

Let us help you scale your business!

How does it work?

Think of it as hiring digital experts for all your client’s needs.
We can craft and schedule posts tailored to your client’s business and industry, help with product photography, or paid advertising.

With you, the reseller, acting as the “middleman”, 98 Buck Social is never reaching out to your clients directly to maintain the white label operation. Typically, resellers upcharge our costs by about 100% to 200%.

We offer white label social media services on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business. Our dedicated Account Managers will help you with access and connections.

Our creative social media managers will help you and your team with publishing and planning your clients content with industry best practices and strategy.

We also offer higher level services for paid advertising. These services would be for clients wanting to increase followers, engagement, generate leads, or increase sales. We’d simply obtain access to the agency’s or clients’ advertising account (through a white labeled email) and manage their advertising budget as we employ an effective advertising campaign strategy.

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