What Are the 10 Types of Social Media Users?

Everyone consumes and participates in social media differently. Have you ever wondered what types of personalities exist online and the best ways to reach each personality? Understanding the major types of social media users will give you an idea of the type of content that will appeal to them the most. With this information in hand, you can create the most effective social media content for your business. Keep reading to learn about the 10 types of social media users.

The 10 Types of Social Media Users

Each type of social media user has their own agenda when they spend time online. If you know what they’re looking for, you’ll be able to speak to them directly.

The Listener

This is an active user of social media who prefers to spend most of their time flying under the radar online. Even if they really enjoy someone’s posts, they still might not actually “like” them. This could be because they don’t want anyone else to know that they enjoy an account’s posts, or because they simply want to listen without adding anything. Similarly, leaving comments is uncommon for listeners. Posting to their own accounts is even less common and may not be something they ever consider.

The best way to reach listeners is with social proof, particularly if it comes from their friends and family.

The Activist

An activist is someone who understands the platform that social media gives them to affect change. They use the power and potential audience social media provides to support a cause that they believe in.

If you want to reach activists, you should focus on how you can help them spread messages they care about.

The Spammer

A spammer doesn’t necessarily only leave spam comments. They may also simply post invaluable or irrelevant information, even though they think it is “quality” content. You probably find yourself scrolling past their posts without even looking at it.

Interacting with this type of social media user takes up valuable time. The best course of action is to remove them as a connection or ignore them.

The Passionista

A passionista is a social media user who really makes social media a better place. Driven almost exclusively by passion, they use their time to explore their passions and share them with even more people. 

Reaching passionistas can be done by finding intriguing ways to demonstrate that you share their passion. Your content should add to conversations that are already happening in this space, even if they do not directly link back to your brand.

The Social Butterfly

This type of social media user uses social media as a bit of a status symbol. Their goal in using these platforms is to show others how many people they know – and seemingly like them. Almost all of their posts will be tagging other people that they are hanging out with.

Making them feel included and giving them ways to connect with others is often the best way to interact with social butterflies.

The Troll

Trolls are an unfortunate and inevitable part of social media these days. These users seem to always cross the line from simply disagreeing with something to being downright disrespectful or inappropriate. No matter what you say to them, you will not change their mind.

It is not worth the time or effort to give any attention to trolls. The best course of action is to simply block them.

The Influencer

An influencer is someone who creates original social media content. They spend a lot of time and resources producing high-quality content to be shared on their social accounts. They typically come from a place of expertise and use social media as their platform to share their knowledge with others. Influencers usually have a passion for educating others.

Reaching influencers is most effectively done by engaging with their content regularly. This can mean liking, commenting, or sharing with your own audience.

The Black Booker

Black bookers are relationship builders on social media. They view social media practically, thinking about it as an effective way to communicate with other people. These are the same type of people who would have kept a black book of phone numbers in the years before cell phones.

The best way to reach these social media users is to give them resources that will bring them closer to their contacts. In addition, your messaging should focus on building relationships.

The Early Adopter

An early adopter is exactly what it sounds like. They are the type of people who hop on new platforms and new trends before it becomes the cool thing to do. For example, they may have joined BeReal well before every news outlet started writing about it. 

The best way to connect with early adopters is to be ahead of the curve. Don’t hesitate to try out new trends or platforms before they really take off. This will show them that you are worth following and listening to.

The Family Person

These users probably don’t like social media all that much, except for the fact that it allows them to keep in touch with distant friends and family. They use it mainly to connect with those they love who are geographically very far away from them. But with social media, it can feel like they are right down the street.

A good way to reach these social media users is to focus on how you can make them feel closer to their loved ones.

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